Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving Food Porn

Thanksgiving is over and now its time to reminisce with some food porn! Steph and I spent the day alone with the dogs and cat. Todd and Alli's dog, Prior, was visiting as well, so we had a full house of animals to keep us company.

One good lookin' bird!
I picked up a 10 lb. heritage turkey from Muss & Turner's on Monday before Thanksgiving and brined it for more than 2 days prior to going on the Big Green Egg to roast over hardwood charcoal and pecan chips. Dirk let me borrow his BBQ Guru for the day so I could cook the bird low and slow. The plan was to cook at ~275 degrees F for a few hours, as the breast approaches its temperature of 160 degrees F, the guru would lower the temperature in the egg to slow the cooking even further.

Are those E-cups?
Alas, the best laid plans don't always work out that way. I screwed up by clipping the BBQ Guru temperature probe to the roasting pan instead of the cooking grate, which resulted in temperature readings that were too low. In turn, it pushed up the heat in the egg and my 10 pound bird was roasted nicely in just under 3 hours instead of the planned 5+ hours. Ooops. The bird came off the egg by 1 PM and rested for a few hours while I put together the rest of the meal, including roasted brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce, cornbread stuffing and a sweet potato pie baked by Steph.

We finally used the fine china!

After a great meal, we headed down to Atlantic Station to see Rent. Good flick, though I'd much rather see it at the Fabulous Fox Theater again.

What a great Thanksgiving. Perhaps we'll do it alone again next year!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Walk The Line

Last night Steph and I went to see Walk The Line at the new Atlantic Station movie theatre. Steph was concerned about having to pay for parking, but I had already done my research to find out that parking was free for the first 4 hours if you saw a movie. What I didn't know is that we'd wind up paying for parking anyway:

Me: "I'd like two tickets to the 9:35 showing of Walk the Line."
Ticket Guy: "OK. That will be $18."
Me: (hands over credit card) "Uh, did you say $18?!"
Ticket Guy: "Yes sir. Going to the movies sure has changed."
Me: (mutters) "I guess I paid for the parking anyway."

I nearly crapped my pants when I realized a movie is $9 for adults down there! Granted, it is a very nice theatre with very comfortable seats and its close to the house, but that's an expensive movie by Atlanta standards.

Steph and I head inside, grab some popcorn and sit down for the show. Two people sit next to us after asking us if we can move to squeeze them in to our row. Of course there were plenty of other seats available that they could have sat in. Whatever, we're nice.

Movie starts.

Next door neighbors (the ones who asked us to move) start talking.

Movie soundtrack gets louder.

Next door neighbors talk louder.

I start giving them the look that says "Shut the hell up, I just paid $18 to see the movie, not listen to you yack!".

Phone rings. Next door neighbor picks up the phone and starts talking.

I reach over, smack the guy on the knee and ask him to kindly shut the hell up. He doesn't.

This went on for the ENTIRE movie. Unfuckingbelievable.

Despite the ass-clown who sat next to us, the movie was great. I just wish I could have heard the movie instead of the jerk-off next to us.