Thursday, April 21, 2005

Leaving Home

Left Atlanta for New York (JFK) on the way to Prague last night (4/20/2005). We're traveling light, we each have a single backpack from eBags which we intended to carry on the plane the entire trip. The silly Air France agent in JFK tells us that our bags appear to be "too bulky" — whatever — we convinced her they would easily fit in the overhead bins and she let us carry them on. (We will never be questioned about this again over a total of 6 flights on 3 different airlines.)

We sat next to a nice older lady who was on the plane to Paris, she was headed to the south of France for a hiking holiday with her friends. One of the most enjoyable conversations I have ever had on a plane was with her as we swapped travel stories and she told me about Prague.

Neither of us got much sleep overnight. I had some Ambien but decided not to take one, no sense in being refreshed in the A.M. if Steph is going to be jet lagged...