Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Day 2 in Sao Paolo: McDonalds, cheap food, bad beer, sweets and bidets

Today is my first full day in Sao Paolo. I might enjoy it here if work wasn't taking up all my time. A few notes:

There is a drug store called "Farto". I thought it was humorous in a scatalogical manner.

The training center has a sign that says (I hope I get the words correct) "Centro de Testes". Heh.

I'd be totally screwed if I didn't speak Spanish in addition to English. Thankfully my Spanish is passable and I now know how to ask people if they speak Spanish or English in order to communicate more clearly.

I'm embarrassed to admit I ate lunch at McDonald's today. This one has a McCafe (coffee bar) where you can get an espresso and some pastries. The macaroons were VERY good. The espresso was VERY bad. They also have McInternet, an internet cafe. Weird.

Food is really cheap. I had room service tonight and a Caesar salad with chicken, gnocchi, bread and a capairinha cost ~$25 with tip. If you've ever had room service in an American hotel, you know this meal would cost at least double this amount.

Brazilians like their coffee and sweets. Everywhere you go there are coffee shops with pastries and sweets. I have had room service twice. Both times I have been questioned why I am not ordering desert. Not, "would you like dessert, sir?", but "You're not having dessert?! You need to have something sweet with your meal!". Is that the sign of an American in Brazil? Dinner without dessert?

Brazilian beer sucks. 'Nuff said.

Bidets. What is it with South America an bidets in my hotel room? Today was the day to try the bidet. So after pinching a loaf I figured it was time to determine how to use the bidet. I turned on the water and made sure it was warm, but not hot. I moved myself over the stream, squatted, turned up the pressure and...


I think I burned my bunghole. Apparently what is merely warm to my hand is really scalding to my sensitive ass.

No more bidets for me.

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