Sunday, April 09, 2006

Adams Crossing Open Letter

Have thoughts or complaints about the letter to the community? Feel free to discuss them openly in the comments.

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Anonymous said...

In reference to the Adams Crossing letter regarding a request to cease work on the dog park.

Before putting a letter of this sorts together I would suggest that you make sure you've thought about all the options, alternatives and what not. It's my opinion that you failed to think through the dog park initiative completely. Currently, the gazebo park on River Way and Adams is essentially an un-official "dog park" as most dog owners enjoy the green space and allow their dogs to play together running around freely. Having the proposed dog park would allow for a more controlled and structured area. We have one for children!

For the most part the gazebo park has stayed fairly clean when it comes to dog feces, thus it would only be fair to say the dog park would be the same. As for you reference to liability, a safe designated area such as a dog park allows for a much safer environment for the dogs and dog park rules could easily be implemented.

A dog recently was injured at the gazebo park while it was running around playing with another dog. The dog struck one of the electric meter grounding rods, slicing open his leg resulting in a very large medical bill for the owners. If the dog was free to play in an enclosed safe environment this would have not occurred.

So I ask you to re-evaluate, in the time it took all 12 of you to meet and put your protesting letter together you could have just as easily drafted the first draft of a dog park policy and rules. We are all here to help the neighborhood, but remember not everyone has kids and/or dogs, but we should support positive improvements and if you feel they aren’t positive, change them in a positive manner instead of merely taking the stance “that all work on the dog park cease”! Would you tell the Landscaping Committee to not plant a certain flower in the parks if you didn’t like it or would you suggest another option? Just something to think about!