Sunday, November 12, 2006

Back From Baja California Sur, Mexico

The cliffs south of
Todos Santos, Mexico
We just returned from Mexico and I haven't had a chance to process many pictures yet, but here's one to whet your appetite. This is from a hike along the cliffs just south of Todos Santos, Mexico. On the Google map, we started hiking from the beach just south and west of the marker, where it forms a J shape. We hiked for about four hours to the next beach due south on the coast.

Watch out for the thorny plants & cacti! I found a ~2" spine from a woody plant stuck in my tennis shoe, it pierced the sole through and through! Thankfully, the business end of the spike came out the outside of the sole and not into my foot!

More to come soon...

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jpickell said...

Well, we in Todos, especially those that despise Cabo, would love to have you back. Great story!