Sunday, December 16, 2007

The strangest things...

Last night Steph and I went to the Piercing Experience in Candler Park to get her some new jewelry for her nose. While there, another couple was buying some jewelry too. They didn't fit the usual clientele, being a bit older and pretty "vanilla" looking. So we thought nothing of it... until the following exchange:

Woman (to the piercer): "He's always losing the jewelry in his PA..." (NSFW! Prince Albert)

Me: "That's gotta be hard to do..."

Woman: "He can't keep his hands off his dick. He's always playing with it. So much so that he rubbed the color off of his jewelry! Its a 00 [double-zero gauge] and expensive to replace. The balls are $45/each!"

Me: "I think you'd notice that falling down your pant leg..."

Pierced Man: "No, I have lost them at work, in the grass, everywhere. I never feel it, but I feel naked without it!"

A few things to note...
  • Don't play with your cock so much, you might lose your expensive jewelry. Or rub the color off.
  • People who play with their cock at work deserve to lose their jewelry. And their job.
  • People who have a penchant for playing with their cock (ring), might want to try Loctite to ensure that they don't lose their jewelery. I'd hate to find a stray piece of body jewelry and have to find out where it came from.
  • Even when in a piercing studio, I don't want to know about your cock ring. Keep it between you, your wife/girlfriend/SO and the piercer. Please. If I wanted to know, I'd have asked.

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