Friday, May 30, 2008

Bye, bye Singapore

I'm sitting in th executive lounge of my hotel in Singapore, looking out over SunTec City and the city beyond while I wait for my flight. This has been an interesting trip, no doubt, but I'm happy to be headed home. Will I be back? Probably. Will I eat my way through the city again? Absolutely. Will I be a bit more touristy? Sure, why not! I might even check out the Night Safari if I get the chance. Unfortunately, too much work and too little time left little time for me to explore the city after last weekend.

Things to do next time I am back:
  • Check out more hawker centers for lunch and or dinner. Visit Lau Pa Sat on the weekend for satay again.
  • Eat more chili crab. And white pepper crab. And any other crab I can get my grubby hands on.
  • Go back to Muthu's Curry for dinner. I had lunch at the outlet in SunTec City Mall today and it was amazingly good. And super spicy, in a good way.
  • Find some chicken rice. I know its the local specialty and I was supposed to eat it during my stay. Somehow I screwed that up.
  • Eat more laksa.
  • Drink more Guinness Foreign Extra Stout while avoiding the local craptacular brewpubs. (Oh, Brewerkz was OK, but The Pump Room was total shit.)
  • Shop less. I don't want to visit another damn mall anytime soon.
  • Take more pictures. I failed on this count.
  • Drink a Singapore Sling. Yes, I managed to not have any whilst staying here.
Clearly, I have a lot to do next time around. Amazingly they all seem to focus on food. Hmmm, is eating the national pastime?

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