Friday, July 29, 2005

America West Airlines Sucks.

I'm sitting at the airport in Vegas — the video poker machines are annoying as hell when you're tired and cranky — and tried to get information on my flight from a gate agent. After confirming the gate info I asked if the flight was on time. I was told "I'm too busy to answer that, go to your gate and ask an agent over there." At my gate the agents were trying to board another flight and they had a huge line. *sigh* Customer service at its finest.

This is another crappy airline to add to the list of airlines that I should avoid flying if at all possible.


Anonymous said...

I had another similar (In the sense of shitty) experience with fucking America West. I had forgotten my damn return ticket in the plane while getting to my destination. On the day of my return I realized it wasn't with me. So I thought, "Ok, this is just a piece of paper, let's get it printed again, they use computers after all". I was so wrong. The cunt at the counter, while trying to appear nice, was completely useless. She had no way to re-print the fucking ticket for an obscure reason, in the likes of "it's been 10 days that you bought this ticket". The bitch said I had to buy a new ticket at a price higher than that of my whole trip. We are talking about $1000 (!!!) vs. $100 here. And that there was no way I could buy it on that same plane I was supposed to board because it was full. I pointed out to her: "Dear Madam [Bitch], as you can [fucking] see on your computer screen, this [damn] empty seat here is mine. Why wouldn't you just [fucking] overbook me in this plane and that's it". But no. She said she could not, without explanation. Or maybe her explanation was that this is the "process", and my solution wasn't in the "process" and what is not in the "process" was not feasible. Typical American corporate shit. Hiding responsibilities behind fucking "processes". In the end she proposed that I book an overpriced flight on the following day, which means I had to spend the rest of the day and the night in the fucking airport. Bitch, go to hell. I demanded more care. At this point she asked some fat shit appearing to be a security agent to show me the way to a United Airlines counter, because my ticket was somehow related to "Ted", don't ask me how. There, after a while explaining the whole situation again, they found a ticket on that very same plane, at a "decent" price, about $200 (For me a decent price is free, but at this point I was ready to make concessions to get back home). They said I could get refund if I fill a form, which I did. I could board the plane and go back home. I never got full refund.

Anonymous said...

Yes.. America west SUX ASS!!!!

My husband and I were SUPPOSED to fly America West to Cancun. Our first flight was delayed so there was "no way" we'd make our connecting flight. Ended up flying American (great airline, by the way), and arrived 5 hours late at midnight. Day 1 of our vacation.. GREAT.

Coming back, our flight was cancelled, we were stuck in Vegas and didnt get home until 2am the next day via a shuttle from LAX (not Long Beach airport!)

Wasted a whole day waiting for our luggage to arrive the next day. Fantastic!

We each got $200 vouchers. But the story doesnt end here...

Fast forward a year later, I'm trying to use this voucher, I do everything I'm supposed do, which, by the way entails picking up my ticket from the actual AIRPORT! Told me the computer wouldn't print up the ticket and I'd have to come back the next day. I called and came to find out my reservation was cancelled and they wanted to charge me another $88 on top of the voucher to get my ticket.

I argued.. basically got the ticket back down to the price I wanted, but why the f*ck was there so much heartache in trying to get it?

I'll pick up my ticket tomorrow, hopefully its smooth sailing from here, but you never know.

Can someone please buy the domain name "" and get that website started???

I'm not computer saavy enough to figure out how to do that kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Come and join me in my grassroots effort to show the world that US Airways/America West sux