Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Amtrak Acela

So I'm traveling all over the northeast this week for Foundstone's Software Security Roadshow. I started by flying to NYC on Sunday and took the Acela Express train to Philadelphia last night. Right now I'm traveling down to DC on the Acela Express train.

THIS ROCKS! I could totally get into traveling by train more. Its comfortable, spacious, has 120V AC power plugs at every seat and I can get internet access via EV-DO. Why, oh why, don't we use trains in the south? I'd much rather take a longer train ride to other southern cities and have these amenities than take a short flight, deal with the TSA stupidity and be crammed onto a plane like a damn sardine.

Enough ranting... back to work.


Anonymous said...

Because air travel has for some reason the illusion of being a free-market, capitalistic business, which fits in with our generally conservative politics down here; this in spite of the fact that the airports USED by those private airlines are government owned and paid for by your tax dollars. (Same goes for driving.)

dhs said...

Stop being so damn logical, anonymous.