Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bootcamp - Day 2

I'm on the second day of bootcamp.


I hurt.

Bootcamp is kicking my ass.

One of the most difficult things to do is eat properly six times a day. Thankfully my job keeps me at home, so I have everything I need in the kitchen to make good, healthy choices following a meal plan like that in Body for Life. Since I did BfL back in 2001, the food is not as daunting as it could be, but I was so hungry yesterday.

So what do we do in bootcamp? Get our butts kicked around the parking lot and fields at a local tennis center! Yesterday was a physical fitness test where we got to find out how out of shape we were. My stats:
  • 1 mile run: 10 minutes, 30 seconds
  • Push-ups (timed, 1 min): 30 manly pushups, 8 more girlie-style
  • Sit-Ups (timed, 1 min): 35
  • Dips (timed 1 min): 20 (straight legs), 10 (bent knees, much easier)
In 30 days I hope to see these numbers improve!

Today we focused on legs with lots and lots of squats and lunges, with a good number of push-ups and sit ups to make it interesting. One thing that the instructors are great at is keeping everyone moving for the entire 45 minute workout. When you are in line waiting to run the course you are still moving: running in place, lunges, squats or the "listening position" where you hold a squat with your legs bent at the knees at about 45 degrees! OUCH! I was definitely showing my lack of cardio training today as I started fading half-way through the workout and my runs became slower, my push-ups uglier and my clothes soaked through and through. (Sure, it was raining, but I'd wager my clothes held more water weight in sweat and tears than rain!)

Tomorrow is an off day, so I'll be doing my homework running on the PATH near my house... This is the test to see if I can be as motivated without being surrounded by others going through the same workout as I am...


Anonymous said...


wow, you seem to really like your beer, huh? ever had hoegaarden? its freaking good (at least in my opinion).

dhs said...

Of course!

If you like Hoegaarden, try some other Belgian wit (white/wheat) style beers. Allagash White and St. Bernardus Witbier are excellent examples of the style. Sam Adams White is a good beer as well and probably more affordable than the other two.