Sunday, July 16, 2006

Running & Brewing

Since the hike, I've been a lazy bastard. In an effort to try and get my ass moving again I'm signing up for the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving day. I bought some running shoes yesterday and did my first run today. It was slow and short, but not as bad as I thought it might be based on the fact that I only run when being chased.

Secondly, my birthday is coming up shortly, so my lovely wife was kind enough to buy me a full kit of goodies to start all grain brewing! I've got 95% of the stuff I need already, just need to make a quick run to Home Depot today to get the remainder of the plumbing parts that I need for my mash-tun and sparge water tank. I should be brewing my firt 5 gallon batch next weekend, an American Pale Ale. Once I have my methodology down and work out all the kinks I'm going to move to 10 gallon batches, enough for 4 cases of beer. Look for "Bean Bex Brews" soon... ;-)

P.S. I called for pizza the other night and they couldn't understand the spelling of my name. Once again a pizza name was called for.

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Curphey says;

You need to progress to the grape my son! Bring stef over for a week. Lots of great runs in the morning (if you can shake off your hangover). Also a few micro-brews tucked away in the French country. Heres the deal. You come over, I'll garuntee at least 3 micro-brews in France (yes France) to try